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Large, upscale shopping mall with an array of favorite apparel, shoe & home stores, plus eateries.

Owned by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT), Cherry Hill Mall was originally known as the Cherry Hill Shopping Center and is commonly known as the first temperature-controlled indoor mall east of the Mississippi River in the United States. October 11, 1961, 11:00 pm. Cherry Hill Mall is located in Cherry Hill, Pennsylvania, surrounded by Route 38, Haddonfield Road (County Route 644), Church Road (County Route 616), and Cherry Hill Mall Drive.

The center was designed by architect Victor Gruen and built and managed by The Rouse Company. Rouse sold his mall portfolio to the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust in 2003, when PREIT converted her residential real estate to retail. With a total leasable area of ​​1,248,347 square feet (115,975.2 m2), the mall is one of the top 10 largest malls in New Jersey. Cherry Hill Mall is believed to have been the cause of the name change from what was called the Delaware Township in 1962 to its current name, Cherry Hill Township. The city has a variety of farm-named connections with the development of the region's new United States Postal Service and Cherry Hill Farm, which once occupied the land opposite the mall's current location. Due to its location, it was named Cherry Hill in a voter vote. Includes, Cherry Hill Estate Housing Development and Cherry Hill Inn. The mall is currently secured by JCPenney, Macys and Nordstrom.

Cherry Hill Mall opened on October 11, 1961, on the site of a 16-acre George Jaus farm. It was designed by Victor Gruen and built and managed by The Rouse Company for $ 30 million. Once opened, it will become the largest shopping center in the country and is commonly referred to as the first closed climate-controlled shopping center in the eastern United States. Unlike what is mentioned in the Delaware Township, the mall has 90 stores, exotic birds, tropical plants, fountains and cinemas.

The design of the mall at that time was unique. Unlike the stop centers of the time, the shopping center started at the eastern anchor, Bamburgers, and to the west was the large Delaware Mall promenade. In the middle of this promenade was a twin cinema, a six-seater children's amusement park, and an exit back to a mini roller coaster with a huge arcade. In the center of the mall was the Cherry Court with high ceilings, more tropical vegetation, fountains, parrots, and stairs leading directly to the second floor in the direction of Strawbridge & Clothier. The North Wing has a "market court", a food fair and a thrift drug. There were also two liquor stores, Kleche and Woolworths.

The mall has changed over the years. In 1973, another nine-story office tower was introduced. After the Pantry Pride and Market Court was closed and demolished, a new two-story building was built in 1977 in the north of the mall. This wing is fixed by JCPenney. In the 90's, the mall was further modified, but the mall was refurbished with a teal / gray color scheme and skylights. The mall has a variety of fountains, and the ornate Strawbridge Gegs stairs have been replaced by a simple combination of escalators and stairs. By 1997, two different parts of the mall had emerged. One was a luxury wing near Macy's with Banana Republic and Victoria's Secret, and the JC Penny Wing had a typical food center and several urban stores. In 2003, the mall was sold to a Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust

With an Overall rating of 4.3/5 stars and 3000 reviews this still remains a good destination for shoppers even after the lockdown. The latest reviews of customers are the following:

Michael: 5/5
"I worked here last year in the spring/summer when everything began opening up the first time during the the covid pandemic. I worked for one of the retailers in the mall, not for the mall. I can't speak much about the mall as a whole, since I never explored much and only went to my store. However from what I did see on a daily basis, the mall was pretty clean and organized. But then again this was in the middle of a pandemic so of course it was clean. The only real interaction I had with mall employees were the security officers (technically they aren't mall employees, as they are an outside company that is contracted by the mall). The security officers were sometimes rude and grouchy and just unfriendly in general. But that's an issue to be taken up with the security company, not the mall. Cherry Hill mall is still a pretty good mall with lots of shops and food places".

Tommey: 5/5
"Very impressive mall in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Plenty of stores and parking spaces. It's kind 1.5-2 floors (there is a "ground floor"-ish, with a main floor and an upstairs with some stores on the second floor. There is a food court filled with many good-tasting restaurants. In addition there is an Apple store as well. Overall very clean, well-populated with both people and stores and a good time to spend for a partial day-trip".

Henry: 5/5
"My family adored this mall and enjoyed shopping there. The room was spotless and had a fantastic interior design. If we needed something, their employees were extremely helpful. A wide area to scroll around with friends and family. I'm sure I'll tell all of my coworkers about how wonderful this place has been. What a fantastic experience"!

Juan: 4/5
"I come here at least once a year to Cherry Hill Mall, and as always it's a beautiful Mall nice and clean and the stores from what I see always have friendly workers and courteous and they keep the stores very organized never seen nothing out of place I get it four stars"

Average Joe: 4/5
""McDowell's" @Cherry hill mall
If you're looking for a five star dining experience, ya might just wanna keep scrolling...lol But if you're a fan and just looking for a bite to eat and a lil fun at a pretty sweet and family friendly location then this is def one to scratch of the bucket list. 😉👍👍👌 No bistro... but still beats WacDonald's any day"....

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