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Fashion District Philadelphia is a shopping mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, located in Center City along Market Street. It opened in 2019 on the grounds of a former shopping center known as the Market East Gallery. The area was originally planned as a shopping center called "Philadelphia's Fashion Outlets," but was later transformed into a new "retail district" consisting of clothing stores and cinemas. The new mall opened on September 19, 2019. Planners suggested that Philadelphia, the sixth largest city, does not have a large mall compared to the 37th largest city, Kansas City. The mall aims to fill the "gap" of having to sell goods to the Center City market, even in the smallest cities, previously only available elsewhere. Many of the new retailers planning to open have never existed in Center City. [2] The Philadelphia Fashion District currently hosts Burlington, Primark, AMC Theaters and Round One Entertainment.

In front of the Philadelphia Fashion District, this space, called the Market East Gallery, opened in 1977. It then expanded as Gallery I and II in the early 1980s. The Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT) acquired Gallery I from The Rouse Company in April 2003 and Gallery II, a state public school employee pension scheme, in the third quarter of 2004. The entire complex covered approximately 100,000 square meters of retail space, with more than 130 stores at peak times.

Previously, the space was fixed by the 8th Avenue department store Strawbridgegeges. It is also the main entrance to Jefferson Station on Septam on 11th and 12th Avenues. The shopping center also provides access to the underground foyer that connects the Market-Frankford line at the 8th and 11th Avenue stations.

In September 2008, the developers of Foxwoods Casino Philadelphia changed the proposed location of the casino to the Market East Gallery after receiving opposition from residents near the originally proposed location in South Philadelphia. The new proposal was approved by Mayor Michael Nutter and Governor Ed Rendell. The original proposal for Foxwoods Casino in the Market East Gallery was a 3,000-slot casino on two floors occupied by Burlington. This forced the store to relocate. However, on February 26, 2009, the developers of Foxwoods Casino announced that they would like to place the new casino on three floors of the old Strawbridge.

With an Overall rating of 4.3/5 stars and 3000 reviews this still remains a good destination for shoppers even after the lockdown. The latest reviews of customers are the following:

True Review: 3/5
"Honestly, this is better than The Gallery was. It’s cleaner and better maintained. There are a good number of stores open. But there are still A lot of places that need to be filled. The mall security is not helpful or willing to help, he was just rude. If you’re looking to do some shopping in one place I’d recommend you try it out. But don’t have high expectations".

Kevin: 5/5
"Can't wait to go back there and shop they have so much stuff and it's so big they have everything and they have couch covers and chair covers".

Wayne: 5/5
"This is a great place by yourself or the whole family or with Friends! This place just about has it all, A movie theater, a Bowling alley, arcades! Stores to shop in. It's clean and has security through out the facility. Parking is easy in the public parking areas. Blocks from everything you can want! What a Great place"!

Aida: 4/5
"I love Spencer's I like to collect anime products that I like and I'm always looking for stuff that sometimes I can't find or get online".

Natalie: 5/5
"Pretty cool place. Prices are little high, but there is really nice stuff there. My FAV store.........KATE SPADE store".

Andrea: 4/5
"The mall as it is now is just okay, but I see it as having potential to be great. Most of the fast food restaurants are closed; and, due to current restrictions, there's virtually nowhere to sit. A huge plus is the women's restrooms are almost always clean whenever I'm there, and the rest of the facility is litter-free each time I visit. Another positive is the movie theater on the topmost level. One complaint I had about the theater was the lack of some of the food I was looking forward to trying, which I'm sure happens a lot given the location. In addition, social distancing while watching a movie is nonexistent. Nonetheless, I look forward to returning to the Fashion District once more eateries are open'.

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