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Sprawling & elegant, skylit indoor mall with 400+ retailers, plus food courts & restaurants.

King of Prasha (also known as KOP) is a census-designated area located in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States. According to the 2010 census, the population was 19,936. The community was named after a local tavern called King of Prussia Inn in the 18th century, named after Frederick II. Like the rest of Montgomery County, the King of Prasha is still developing rapidly. King of Prasha, one of the largest shopping malls in the United States, is located here. It is also the headquarters of the Region I Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The King of Prasha is considered a remote city in Philadelphia and consists of a large amount of commercial and office space at the intersection of four highways.

The King of Prussian Inn of the same name was originally built in 1719 as a log hut by the founders of Reidsville, Welsh Quaker William and Janet Reese. The cabin was converted into an inn in 1769 and had a fixed business as it took about a day to ride a horse from Philadelphia during the colonial era. The settlers on their way to Ohio slept on the first night on their way to the inn. In 1774, the Reese family appointed James Berry and ran an inn later known as "Belize Tavern." General George Washington first visited the tavern on Thanksgiving Day 1777 while the Continental Army was camping in White Marsh. A few weeks later, Washington and his army moved to the nearby Valley Forge.

With an Overall rating of 4.6/5 stars and 18000 reviews this still remains a good destination for shoppers even after the lockdown. The latest reviews of customers are the following:

Taisha: 5/5 stars
taisha said - ''This mall is very elegant and has alot of choices in stores. Primark, cinnabon, apple store, against all odds, Lego Land, cold stone creamery and more. Definitely a great and clean mall for the whole family''!

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Alex: 5/5 stars
alex said - ''This mall was nice, first time ever. Was a great experience! Had my wonderful lady show me the ways around PA & we stopped here. The beautiful sunny day Complimented this mall perfectly. If your looking for a particular store or just nook and cranny spot to eat. They got it all!!! Plus they got Starbucks ... oh yeah cold brews <3 :^)''

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Osha: 4/5 stars
osha said - ''It's a quiet mall with variety of stores, finally we found DSW store there after looking everywhere.The only concern is that the food court is so far from one of the entrances and a lot of food stores are closed still''.

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Lisa: 4/5 stars
lisa said - ''This mall is set up differently from other malls I've been to. Some spots have 3 floors while in other spots it's only 2 floors. They have interactive maps inside the mall in various places to help you find what you're looking for. They have a huge selection of stores, shops and choices of food. It is a very big mall so make sure you set aside a few hours to be able to explore it all''.

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Alvin: 5/5 stars
alvin said - ''Excellent mall. Well planned and absolutely huge. It has one section in the middle with all the fancy expensive stores like Gucci Cartier but it also has value stores like primark and five below.
A good balance of expensive and budget oriented stores. But again this is not an outlet mall so don’t expect the best of deals''.

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The King of Prasha is still one of the best attractions in Pennsylvania. The reviews speak for themselves, there are good and bad experiences, but in general we now know why it is a highly regarded mall.

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