Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn, New York latest reviews


This indoor mall offers a wide retail mix, including national chain outlets & fast-food stops.

Kings Plaza is located on the south side of U Avenue, between Flatbush Avenue in the west and East 58th Street in the east. The shopping center covers 23 hectares of land. The main block of the mall is located between Flatbush Avenue and East 55th Street. In addition to Macy's and the four-storey former Sears / Alexander Dock, there are two levels of shopping malls. Both anchor stores have approximately 330,000 square feet of space. On the south side of the block is a multi-storey car park accessible from Northbound Flatbush Avenue and East 55th Street. The garage is constructed of special prestressed concrete columns and can accommodate approximately 4,000 vehicles. The eastern block is only occupied by the Loews location and the adjacent parking lot. Before Loews was built, the entire block was used as a parking lot. At the eastern end of the site, which stretches to East 58th Street, is Mill Basin Plaza, another complex owned by Kim Colliarti. There are Home Depot, Walgreens and Petland discount stores. Unlike traditional US malls, where parking is often free, shoppers visiting Kings Plaza (and most other malls in New York) have to pay for parking in the parking lot.

To the east and south of the mall are the Milbeisin Inlets, which separate the mall from its eponymous district. Around the parking lot is a marina called Kings Plaza Marina. The original purpose of the marina was to allow shoppers to boat to the mall.

Kings Plaza has named its own power plant on the roof of the mall Kings Plaza Total Energy Plant. The plant uses four Deutz AG natural gas engines to generate all the electrical needs of a shopping mall and uses the heat from the engine's exhaust to heat and cool the building. As part of its recent sustainability efforts, Macerich will equip the plant with connections to supply up to 6 MW of surplus power to Con Edison's local network, which was used especially during the hot summer season, as needed. bottom. The factory built in the shopping center used five diesel engines originally manufactured by Nordberg.

With an Overall rating of 4.3/5 stars and 16000 reviews this still remains a good destination for shoppers even after the lockdown. The latest reviews of customers are the following:

Jhanel: 5/5
Jhanel said - "I like kings plaza mall it's a beautiful village mall in mill basin village"

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Darnel: 5/5
darnel said - "Imported goods, a fantastic food court, and a large range of locally produced goods are all available. This shopping complex offers everything, which makes me happy because the salesmen here are also great."

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Maryan: 4/5
maryan said - "It was not crowded. Enjoyed walking around and actually shopped. It has been a year since I've done this."

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june said - "I have been away frm Brooklyn for 5 years. Kings Plaza Mall has changed for the better. I love all the new businesses added. It's just a pleasant place to visit now."

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branda said - "I like this mall. Have been going for a while only thing is be mindful of overdressing as it does get pretty warm in the mall but overall enjoy! It’s all good vibes at KP"

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Fiyah: 5/5
fiyah said - "I hadn't been to KP in years before my latest visit and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the variety available. It's much more worth a trip than in the early 2010s. Primark, Burlington and Zara are a few welcomed additions."

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Kaylene: 5/5
kaylene said - "Took my cousin to Kings Plaza to get a suit for her deceased dad and we found a really reasonable store called Portabella. The sales guy was very pleasant and helpful."

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The proof is there, Kings Plaza Shopping Center is still one of brooklyn's best shopping destination not just for locals but for everyone.

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