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5-level indoor mall with eateries, big-box shops & a range of retailers from electronics to clothes.

Queens Place is an urban shopping center located in Elmhurst, Queens, NY. Located just northwest of the large Queens Center, on Queens Boulevard between 55th and 56th Avenues. The building was built as Macy's in 1965 and was designed by Skidmore, Orwings and Merrill. Later, in 1994, as part of Macy's dissolution of Abraham & Strauss, Elmhurst's Macy's moved to the Queens Center, and in 2001 Macy's dissolved Stern's, which was closed by a federal department store and became Stern's. .. .. Currently, its flagship stores are Best Buy, DSW and Inc. And Target, and it includes many small stores like Red Lobster, Dunkin'Donuts and Mrs. Field cookies.

On December 22, 2017, Queen's Place was acquired by Madison International Realty from Forest City Realty Trust. Private Equity Farm previously acquired a 49% stake in Forest City's portfolio in 2011 and purchased the remaining 51% in 2017, making Madison International Realty one of New York's largest retail owners. bottom. French bank Natixis refinanced real estate in April 2018 with a $ 100 million loan.

With an Overall rating of 4.3/5 stars and 6000 reviews this still remains a good destination for shoppers even after the lockdown. The latest reviews of customers are the following:

John: 3/5 stars
john said - ''They've freed up a lot of space on the ground floor but it looks so empty. I'm a bit sad. That said, the location is very convenient for me and since they have Target, I have all I need for the essentials''.
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Alexis: 3/5 stars
alexis said - ''Target has like 3 floors of nothing. This was the first target I've been too were I left with nothing from the $1 section or the craft/art section. Also I dont shop any of the other stores there so this visit was a waste of time and I won't''.

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Yaneak: 5/5 stars
yaneak said - ''It's a nice mall for shopping, plenty of stores to shop and several restaurants to enjoy a great meal. One of my favorite is Cold Stone Creamery, I love their ice cream. I also enjoy eating at Red Lobster & The Cheesecake Factory''.
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Futurism: 5/5 stars
futurism said - ''Queens Place Mall, what more could I say about this place. Thank you, for all employees who come out everyday to make it a better shopping experience for all their customers. Also, a shout out to the maintenance crews who have kept the entire mall clean, *high five*. Last, but certainly not least the security men and women who keep the order with the best of their abilities. Ok, what is it like to shop here. You will find most of your needs here in terms of electronics, clothing, household items and tools for an active life. Enjoy! Take some time to stop by the food court. If you have 2+ hours to kill or some money to spend head over. You could also, just chill or kick it back and window shop as well''.

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Victoria: 5/5 stars
victoria said - ''Awesome and amazing expierience with one of my greatest mentors who helped inspire and change my life. "Les Brown" was live in Queens, NY at The Rock Church. Only minor thing about the venue or place itself was I was sweating like a pig''.

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Queens place remains one of the finest of New York's attractions. The reviews speak for itself, there's good and bad experiences but overall, we now know why it's highly rated shopping center.

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