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Long-established indoor shopping center with big-box chains, trendy boutiques & dining options.

Stamford Town Center is an urban shopping center located in downtown Stamford, Connecticut. The 761,000-square-foot shopping center is the eighth largest in Connecticut and can accommodate about 130 stores and restaurants. Includes 250,000 sq ft Macy's and 78,000 sq ft Macy's. ft Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH as an anchor. The 1991 movie "Shopping Center Scene" was partially filmed at this center.
Plaza is a pedestrian community of new restaurants and merchants in Connecticut and the area.

The plaza offers parking and easy access to parking level 1 from Tresser Boulevard. There is also a new entrance built to facilitate access to the main shopping center. Access to other levels of shopping malls and parking lots via two glass elevators, plaza level 1, S * / M *, shopping center level (4-5), and level 6-roof (10) You can access. ). Barnes & Noble is accessible from Level 4 and Plaza. H & M can only be accessed from level 5 of the shopping center.

The first opening of the plaza (including Barnes & Noble, H & M, California Pizza Kitchen, Così, Kona Grill and PF Changs) took place on November 1, 2007. The Mitchell's Fish Market opened on December 8, 2007, closed in 2014, and the Capital Grill opened on February 25, 2008. The famous Dave's Barbie Cue was scheduled to open in this new space, but withdrew from the project. [10] P.F. Changs China Bistro closed in April 2016, and the Cheesecake Factory is an old space of P.F. Chan. The Così location was closed in October 2016 as part of the reorganization of Chapter 11 of the business.

With a 4.2 / 5 star overall rating and 3000 reviews, this mall will not let you down. The latest customer reviews are:

Sonya: 4/5 stars
sonya said - "It’s pleasant enough as malls go. It’s very clean and there is a presence of security. The parking garage has ample parking and easy to navigate. The food court is tiny; however there are a few choices and there’s also a Starbucks within"

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Amy: 3/5 stars
amy said - "What was once a bustling and lively town center now feels virtually abandoned. 95% of the stores here are closed and there are hardly any people. The food options are decent but I don’t even know how many of the food places are open anymore".

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Alana: 4/5 stars
alana said - "Received a parking ticket for a space that had two signs. Submitted an appeal and I am waiting to hear back on a hearing date from the Stamford Parking Department. The parking department advised me to reach out to the Stamford Town Center"

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Fran 3/5 stars
fran said - "Not a lot of stores that were interesting. The Barnes and noble is nice and has a good selection. The Macy’s is also nice. It was an ok way to kill some time".

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Juliet: 5/5 stars
juliet said - "Who doesn't love a good local shopping mall? It's a shame the Pandemic gutted a lot of the businesses in there though. But they do have a gym in there now, and a pretzel place has replaced Wetzel's so things are looking up".

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isn't it beautiful? Whether what occasion it is, Stamford Town Center is still one of the best shopping destinations in Stamford, Connecticut.

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