Take the Perfect Picture of the Perfect Place: Tips from Foursquare Superusers

Millions of people around the world check out the Foursquare City Guide photo gallery. Being able to scope out the city you’re planning to visit or check out which dishes are popular at a new restaurant is important when you’re deciding where to go.  We asked four Superusers who consistently wow us with their photo skills to share quick tips and the inspiration behind some of their favorite Foursquare photos. Keep reading and learn how to take stunning snapshots anywhere. Robert, Superuser Level: 7 Sydney, Australia Foursquare community member since 2011 What’s one piece of advice you’d like to share with the Foursquare community on how to take a great photo? “Try and be different with your photo subjects. For example, if you know beforehand the venue(s) you will be going to, have a quick look at the photo gallery and see how you can add a different view of the venue. At restaurants, most photos tend to be of food of course but in most cases, it’s a photo of the same dish. Try and mix it up by taking photos of the interior or even outside so other people can get a lot more information about the venue if this type of information is missing from the gallery. I like taking night photos to show a different perspective of the venue.” Nes, Superuser Level: 6 Istanbul, Turkey Foursquare community member since 2010 What’s one piece of advice you’d like to share with the Foursquare community on how to take a great photo? “Don’t try to fit the entire landscape in a photo. Focus on a unique item in the crowd and feed your composition with the colors around. Be aware of the source of light you’re using and how it`s interacting with it. In my opinion natural daylight always works better. Frame your scene to draw attention to your subject and you are ready to go!” David, Superuser Level: 2 Takamatsu, Japan Foursquare community member since 2011 What is one subject you love taking photos of and why? “I’m lucky to live on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea of Japan, which hosts the Setouchi Triennale, one of the major art festivals of Japan. I’d say my favorite subjects are landscapes and seascapes. My second favorite subject is large outdoor installations, and there’s plenty of them in my area. As a Superuser, I’m unofficially in charge of them on Foursquare, usually creating the venues and trying to keep them accurate and up-to-date, so I also try to include decent pictures of them.” Ross, Superuser Level: 8 California, US Foursquare community member since 2011 Sometimes a photo can inspire the tips you leave.  “Seconds after taking this photo, the seagull stole my lunch. That’s why I had to leave a tip.”