The Apple Watch Series 7 joins the Apple Watch SE and Series 3 later this fall - here's how they compare

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Apple Watch Series 7 will replace the Series 6 in stores while the SE and Series 3 remain available. Apple * Apple Watch Series 7 will be available "later this fall" with prices starting at $399. * The more affordable Apple Watch SE, released in 2020, will remain available for $279. * Apple Watch Series 3 remains the cheapest option at $199, but we no longer recommend buying it. Table of Contents: Masthead StickyWatch Series 3 (38mm, GPS) (small)Watch SE (40mm, GPS) (small) Apple Watch Series 7, the latest addition to Apple's wearable tech family, will arrive later this fall, but the company will continue to sell the more affordable Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3. Apple Watch Series 7 offers a roughly 20% larger screen, 33% faster charging, and improved dust resistance when compared to Series 6. It also continues support for health features that aren't available on Apple Watch SE or Series 3. Apple hasn't confirmed an official release date or full pricing options for Apple Watch Series 7, but we expect the price to fall in-line with the current Series 6 prices starting at $399. Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Watch SE vs. Watch Series 3: key differences explained Keeping different Apple Watch models available creates a wider range of price points, with the Series 3 starting at $199 and the SE starting at $279. However, those models don't have the latest Watch OS improvements, including health features like blood oxygen tracking and an electrocardiogram (ECG) app. We no longer recommend buying the Apple Watch Series 3, due to its smaller size, limited storage space, and aging processor. Apple only sells the GPS version of the Series 3, which has 8GB of storage compared to the 32 GB offered by the Series 7 and Apple Watch SE. The $330 cellular + GPS models still available at Best Buy cost as much as the Apple Watch SE, despite having a smaller screen and older processor. Apple says the Series 7 will offer more than 50% the screen area of the Series 3. Apple Apple Watch SE was released alongside the Series 6 last fall and still has some of the best WatchOS features. In comparison to the Series 7, the SE doesn't have an always-on display option, 5 GHz Wi-Fi, or Apple's ultra wideband radio chip. As the more affordable model, the SE also doesn't offer the more expensive stainless steel and titanium case options that Apple offers for the Series 6 and Series 7. With the SE occasionally going on sale for $250, we recommend it if you're curious about smartwatch features like heart and sleep tracking but don't need advanced features like ECG, and don't mind having a slightly smaller screen. Apple Watch Series 7 will replace the Series 6 as the premium Apple Watch, but the new features won't necessarily warrant an upgrade for all but the most dedicated of Apple Watch users. We'll need to test the Watch ourselves to know if it's worth an upgrade from previous models. Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3 specs comparison You can find complete specs for each Apple Watch model at Apple's website, but we highlighted some of the key categories and differences in the table below. Features and specs Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch SE Apple Watch Series 3 Price (base model) $399 (expected) $279 $199 Sizes 41 mm, 45 mm 40 mm, 44 mm 38 mm, 42 mm Connectivity GPS or Cellular + GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, 5 GHz Wi-Fi GPS or Cellular + GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi GPS only, Bluetooth 4.2, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Colors Green, blue, red, starlight, midnight Space gray, silver, gold Space gray, silver Case material Aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium Aluminum Aluminum Storage space 32GB 32GB 8GB Battery life 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours Heart rate tracking Yes Yes Yes Water resistant Yes Yes Yes Blood oxygen app Yes No No Electrocardiogram (ECG) app Yes No No Read the original article on Business Insider