The Best Dog Beds for Pups of All Sizes

Where and how we rest our heads at night makes all the difference when it comes to our overall health. And that goes for our furry family members, too! Dogs sleep a whopping 20 hours per day. And while most pups would be just as happy sleeping on a rug or floor, a dog bed provides the much-needed support their bodies need. But—as with human beds—not all dog beds are created equal. From beds that are great for burrowing to orthopedic beds for weary bones, we’ve found the top snooze palaces with the highest reviews for pups of all different ages and sizes that will win you the ulti-mutt pet parent award. The 5 Best Dog Beds to Shop Now Image: Walmart —Featured— FurHaven Pet Products Deluxe Orthopedic Wave Fur & Velvet L-Shaped Chaise Couch Pet Bed at Walmart The perfect bed for medium to large dogs, they’ll love sinking into the plush, orthopedic bedding for a nap after playtime. The foam base helps alleviate aching joints and cushions pressure points, while the L-shape helps support your pup’s back and hips. The machine-washable cover is also oh-so-soft, with faux fur and velvet fabric that will have them sleeping in style. Top review: “We ordered two of these beds; a large for the 90 pounder and a medium for the 45. Perfect size for each lab. They have “sleepovers” in each other’s beds and sometimes cuddle in one. Beds arrived in perfect condition. We aired the beds out for 24 hours prior to use. The pups immediately claimed their new treasure and settled in for a long winter’s nap. The “pillow sides” are a nice touch! Have not laundered them yet. So far, a great product for the price.” – Meredith Sizes: Medium, Large, Jumbo Price: Starting at $34.99 at Walmart Shop Now Image: Amazon Best Friends by Sheri Luxe Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddler I can hands down say that this is the best purchase I’ve ever made for my 55lb. pit mix, Goose. He absolutely loves it and on more than one occasion I’ve wanted to curl up it in with him . This cozy, machine-washable, donut-shaped bed with over 40,000 5-star reviewers is a favorite for its durability and cuddle-ability. Plus, for those struggling to find a stylish option that won’t detract from your decor, this shag bed fits well into a variety of homes! Top review: “My Goldendoodle has been through eight beds. All of them have been ruined by her chewing through them or making a mess on them. This bed is cozy and comfortable. She absolutely LOVES it! She made a mess on it a couple of weeks after we got it, but I washed it, and it came out just fine! I bought the large, but I almost wish I had bought the smaller one because the large is HUGE. I’m still very happy with my purchase. She has not chewed through it, as the zipper is well hidden. I’m so glad I finally found a good dog bed that is long lasting!” – Christine T. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large Price: Starting at $34.95 at Amazon Shop Now Image: Amazon Casper Dog Bed Just like with people, Casper knows that the best dog beds are ones that are supportive. This pet bed is designed with a two-layer foam construction to combine pressure-relieving memory foam with durable, supportive foam for all-night comfort. Reviewers love this bed for their pups, saying it’s hard to get them out of it and that it’s durable—and even holds up to diggers and the washing machine! Top review: “I had previously purchased one of these beds because I got a second dog. I’ve had that bed for almost 2 years now. It’s both of my dogs favorite beds. So of course I had to purchase another one. The new one is of course firmer than the older one and they both still prefer the older bed, but once this new one is broken in, they’ll love them both. I originally bought the bed because it looks nice and you can take all the insides out and clean the cover in the washer.” – Crystal Sizes: Small, Medium, Large Price: Starting at $125 $113.40 at Amazon (and save an extra 10% at checkout for a limited time) Shop Now Image: Walmart Furhaven Round Pet Bed For pets that love to burrow, this bed is a perfect solution. With an orthopedic base and soft, shapeable blanket attached to be either a cave or a blanket to burrow under, reviewers say their pets love snuggling up in this cozy bed (instead of their pet parent’s bed!). Plus, it’s available in five different colors! Top review: “My Eloise literally sits at the washer and dryer waiting for her bed slipcover to be ready to put back on her bed. She is obsessed with these beds…..yes, we now have two so she can have one in our family room for daytime and one in our bedroom for her bedtime bed. The absolute best dog bed we have ever owned and so easy to maintain and keep fresh and clean!” – SHill Sizes: 18 in, 26 in, 35 in, 44 in Price: Starting at $19.99 at Walmart Shop Now Image: Amazon Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed A great bed for the summer months, outside or even inside as their go-to bed, this breathable, elevated option keeps your pup cool and comfortable year-round. The easy-to-assemble, durable and lightweight design is perfect for pets of all sizes, and is easily portable for pets on the go. Plus, they won’t have to get up for the Roomba or mop when you’re cleaning! Top review: “We bought one for our patio so that the pups can lay on it on a hot summer day and be cool off the ground. It ended up being inside, with a pillow on it because our pups thought that was a better solution. Now we have two of these in the house with their pillows on top. The pups love it and enjoy lounging on these beds all the time. We’ve even tested it by putting it next to one of their beds which was on the floor and leaving it there for a few days – they haven’t even looked at the bed on the floor!” – Elena Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large Price: Starting at $19.99 at Amazon Shop now The post The Best Dog Beds for Pups of All Sizes appeared first on The Real Deal by RetailMeNot.