Shopping Trends to Watch This Holiday Season 2021


Shopping season is approaching. And if you are making a purchase this year instead of choosing a gift or virtual digital experience, it may be worthwhile to make a strategic purchase.

You probably know best about supply chain issues that affect many retailers, and some about the wisdom of buying them sooner or later, but others do.

An even crazier shopping experience
Expect more shoppers in malls and retailers this year. With so many people being vaccinated, it certainly seems likely.

Wei Chang Wang, a professor of business administration at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, believes online shopping will be strong, but these traditional stores will be crowded this holiday season.

"Since the last holiday season failed, people have longed for the holiday season," says Wang. In any case, I expect more fanatical shopping on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

November: Black Friday
This has been a trend for a while, but it is more important for stores to offer deals now as supply chain concerns make buyers want to start shopping for the holiday season sooner than ever before.

"Unlike last year, I expect large retailers to start selling in October," said Gina Pomponi, president and CEO of Bluewater Media, a consumer marketing and direct marketing agency in Clearwater, Florida.

"These sales will not be limited to in-store purchases," added Bomboni. “Online sales add to the cost of retail sales during the holiday season. Or maybe I should say that Amazon will be ahead of everyone else trying to catch up. "All of that makes online shopping on Black Friday even more important."

Smaller discounts
While there are still plenty of deals to be had during the holidays, you probably won't see as much piling up as door hunters with the 80% discount.

According to Theresa McCarthy, associate professor of marketing at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, this is due to supply chain issues that have increased business costs and reduced retailers' prices and profitability. . . Iceland and a global supply chain specialist.

"Customers can expect Black Friday discounts to be lower than in previous years," said McCarthy. "Retailers either offer a discount percentage or a smaller number of items."

Not all is bad, however. If you have a favorite store that you buy frequently, great deals will be found.
"Retailers are also turning to their loyalty programs and offering superficial discounts, with the most generous discounts offered to their most loyal customers," says McCarthy.

More curbside pickup service
Creating more and more buyers has been a process for some time, especially since the epidemic began. "Expect it to stay that way," said Trae Bodge, a New York City-based retail consultant who runs the TrueTrae.com shopping blog.

“Retailers try to make shopping as easy as possible for customers,” says Baj.

"Discounts will be available online and in stores, and more stores will offer services like sidecars," says Budge, while we may not see drones dropping packages just yet.

As consumers buy earlier - to avoid shipping delays and inventory issues - I also expect more retailers to offer price adjustments, buy now and pay later like Afterpay, this is my new service. " He says.

Consumers look forward to sample gifts
It is much more attractive to give away experiences instead of material things. "Experience gifts have become increasingly popular over the years, especially as the epidemic lures more and more people into the holidays," said Kristen Gall, spokeswoman for Cashback Rakuten.

He mentions language learning software such as Babbel or Rosetta Stone as popular experimental gift ideas. You might want to offer your kids or niece a learning experience like We Craft Box, a monthly craft kit for children ages 3 to 9, or the Spangler Science Club, a monthly subscription to interactive science experiments for all ages.

"Even short vacations are fashionable ideas," says Gal. The not so great about it is that most Gall tests are monthly subscriptions, which means you will have to pay taxes in your bank account for the next few months or years. But for the most part, giving someone a bed and breakfast package is less likely to have supply chain issues.

Retailers say they try everything in their power to use the following holiday season, and "they do not benefit from consumers, fear of losing the store season, especially in the year after the epidemic." 

"We expect traders who manipulate handles and discounts to create a holiday feel, this will be an ideal opportunity for vendors to scan the most popular elements in their shares." 

So monitoring continuous advertising. Wang says: "Choose what you really need and do not meet things that are just because of the missing fear." "The idea of ​​trying to avoid surprising purchases is always related, but this year it can be applied more if we see multiple engagement that helps rubbish." 

Retail can be pretty good
Don't be surprised if all goes well after all the warnings about equipment problems. When it comes to his vacation shopping, McCarthy is no Scrooge.

“Many large retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Costco, and Ikea, have built their entire fleets without trying to increase shipping capacity for other transportation products,” McCarthy said. .

However, you might be tempted to see the reports of a shipwreck in the harbor. While this is important to many retailers and businesses, McCarthy says another benefit of chartering large-company cargo ships is that they come across bottled water at ports as important as Long Beach, Los Angeles and Savannah. About sixty boats are waiting to be withdrawn. 

“A vessel chartered by retailers uses small ports for loading,” McCarthy said. These small ports typically take longer to load and unload containers, but delays can range from a few days to several weeks after larger ports.

According to McCarthy, many smaller brands like Walmart, such as Nordstrom, Gap, Kohls, and Lululemon, can ship to the United States and pass through ports.

Unfortunately, according to McCarthy, "Air freight is eight to ten times more expensive than ocean freight, so it can only be done with high-end products like clothing and computers."

It's the kind of thing that can limit a discounted product.

But if McCarthy was right, there would at least be a lot of stuff on the shelves, and he also believes there would be a lot of post-holiday sales.

“For those who can wait until January, we would expect retailers to receive huge discounts to avoid late arrivals,” McCarthy said.