10 Mistakes on shopping in Trader Joes that You Should Avoid At Any Cost


From free samples to the sometimes long lines and the rush to try new products, shopping at Trader Joes is a treat. These stores are known for their affordable prices and old-fashioned merchandise, but that doesn't mean buyers can't fall into the trap of making Trader Joes more expensive and more expensive. In fact, because the company is based in California and has a stream of popular and delicious new products, it's easy to get stressed of all kinds when traveling.

For example, how many times have you bought a brilliant new trader Joes just to come home and find something you really don't like? Fortunately, you can avoid these mistakes by knowing the trading rules of Trader Joes. In addition to providing free samples later at most retailers, TJ staff can open ready meals for customers to try on request. That said, if you are not sure about the new Pesto Rosso, you can ask them to try it first in addition to your shopping cart.

Another mistake many Merchant Joes customers make is not saving the holidays in advance. This can have a significant impact on vacation planning if you don't know (or ignore your memories) that last minute Trader Joes picnics during the holidays are not possible. . In addition to being closed for Thanksgiving each year, Merchant Joes is also closed for Christmas and New Years, and has reduced the time for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

1. Just do not buy products based on the Trader Joes brand.
As all TJ consumers know, the chain has its own brand of Trader Joes food products. The commodity market sells mixed ingredients, cookies and cookie mixes, and everything in between. In general, Trader Joes' commodities seem (but not always) cheaper than popular commodities. Joes cheese merchants, for example, are almost always cheaper ($ 3.99 for the unexpected 7-ounce block of Cheddar!), Like $ 1 for Greek yogurt, which is cheaper than Fage's similar products and Chobani.

2. You are using the wrong free test policy
You can't walk into the Kroger community and illustrate whatever you want, but Trader Joes encourages that kind of attitude. TJ staff have the right to open all grocery stores in the market. This means that you can try out hundreds of items without having to buy in advance. It is a serious mistake not to apply this rule when it is deemed appropriate. After all, when you sit in a chair and open a bag of TJ's Italian white truffle popcorn, who knew you weren't a truffle fan?

3. Or the free samples
Who doesn't love free samples ?! Some Trader Joes may be temporarily suspended for free samples due to the transmission of COVID-19 everywhere, but most chains have parking behind each store so you can for example almost everything from organic eggs to cream of truffle fresh through the gnocchi. . If you are unsure of a new or existing product, go to the back of the store and see if you can get a free sample before you remove your wallet.

4. Stop stocking up on Alcohol
Some Trader Joes establishments, but not all, have a Trader Joes wine store near or next to them. It might be tempting to turn your head towards Two Buck Chuck and other TJ wines, but resist the urge! Not only are Trader Joes wines generally very inexpensive, most of them actually have excellent pedigrees.

TJ's Powers That Be has been silent that California wineries produce this type of wine, but that's because the drink is priced better than many of its competition without sacrificing quality. Tara Miller, Director of Marketing for Joes Business, said in November 2021: “If you tell [the manufacturers] who they are and offer these great prices, the other people they trade will want the same price. Here is an excerpt from the Inside Trader Joes podcast.

5. Don't buy seasonal items if you can
If you are a fan of seasoned Joes products like Jingle Jangle and Pumpkin Pancake Mix, don't buy them when you see popular products in the store. Seasonally, most of these items are only available a few weeks at a time and may be out of stock for most of the year when on sale. So what are you waiting for? Catch the Golden Cocoa Ornaments soon!

6. You don't need pantry staples
Yes, Merchant Joes is home to favorite Mandarin Orange Chicken and Spanako Pita, but the chain still sells a lot of staples at affordable prices. Our favorites include olive oil, steamed lentils, and dried pasta, and TJ sells for $ 0.99 a pound in a variety of sizes and shapes.

And if you want to store unusual or mixed items that you won't find anywhere else, TJ is a good choice. We're consumers who still love everything except Sesame Bagel Seasoning and Green Goddess Seasoning Blend.

7. Avoid reading the Fearless Flyer
If you want to know what's new in Trader Joes, read Fearless Flyer. It comes out about once a month and includes information about specials or promotions for the period, which can be especially useful for planning meals or vacations. . For example, I was able to catch a hard-to-find turkey from Trader Joes last month after reading Fearless Flyer and learning that TJ was ready to sell three birds before Thanksgiving.

8. Forget the reusable bags
Listen. This is great for sometimes forgetting about the grocery bags that can be used around the house, but remember when Trader Joes ran away. First of all, you have to pay 10 cents for each envelope you use to change, and you will not be able to participate in the Trader Joes lottery without a reusable envelope. Every week TJ presents a customer with a $ 25 gift card, but you need to bring your shopping bag and spend at least $ 25 in the store.

9. Go crazy on bananas
Trader Joes Banana is famous for 19 cents a coin, but don't assume that all of TJ's production costs are very good because of their low cost. As a result, the 365-pack daily wholesaler on Whole Foods is cheaper than similar spinach sold by Trader Joes, and Kroger's Honeycrisp apples are cheaper than TJ's Honeycrisp apples.

Additionally, even Joes' staff said the product looks very heavy compared to other TJ products. At Reddit AMA with the staff at TJ we asked if there were any products that the staff at Joes had not purchased. Members of the group said they believed in "99% of [] the product," but there was a caveat. “The most questionable is dry (tomatoes and pomegranates). It looks quite moldy in the summer, but we keep visiting and buying (after a quick review) in our store. It can be different in the store with lazy employees."

10. Avoid days when the place is packed
There is nothing more depressing than meeting local dealer Joes when it is full of people and there is a line to enter. This means that you will forget the necessary items at the time of purchase and eliminate the fear of purchasing. And while going to the amazing Trader Joes can be tricky, staff say Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days for shopping. This is especially true on weekday mornings.