21 Very Simple tips that will solve all your winter problems


21 Very Simple tips that will solve all your winter problems

1. boot stand

boot stand that'll keep your taller footwear from bending or creasing at the bottom of your closet. It'll help you make the most of vertical space (and keep your floor from turning into a chaotic mess this winter).

Get it from Amazon Canada for $24.22+ (available in two colours).

2. thermal leggings

A pair of thermal leggings if you're tired of your gams getting frosty the second you step out of your house. They've got a ton of hidden pockets to stash your stuff and they're sweat-wicking, too, for when you're running, riding, or just going for a stroll.

Get a pair from Lululemon for $138+ (available in two colours and in sizes 0–14).

3. Wet 'n' Wild waterproof eyeliner

Wet 'n' Wild waterproof eyeliner that won't budge if you get caught in some bad weather. Reviewers say it stays on through workouts, showers, and even overnight (though you should always wash your face before bed, guys).

Get it from Amazon Canada for $7.49.

A slim therapy lamp that'll help keep the winter blues away. It'll pump out full-spectrum light to help boost your mood during the short, dark days (while still being slim enough to fit on your crowded desk).

Get it from Amazon Canada for $108.99.

5. hat hanger

hat hanger that'll keep your chapeaus from taking over your hall closet. Since the clips are made of stainless steel, they won't leave rust marks on fabric, either.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $26.59.

6. weatherproofing tape

A roll of weatherproofing tape that'll keep chilly winds out and toasty temps in. It's easy to install (just peel and stick), and reviewers say it does an amazing job at blocking out unpleasant smells and outside noise, too.

Get a ten-foot roll from Amazon Canada for $7.38+ (available in four sizes).

7. mug warmer

A sleek mug warmer if your morning coffee is nearly freezing by the time you get around to it. The temperature's totally adjustable, too, which means you can simply keep your drink warm or crank it up to scalding.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $38.99+ (available in four colours and two styles).

8. healing balm

A rich healing balm that'll help your skin recover from changing seasons and dry indoor heating. Reviewers say it wonders on eczema and rosacea, but doesn't leave behind any filmy or greasy residue.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $55.25.

9. protective shoe spray

protective shoe spray that'll repel snow, sleet, slush, and salt. The mix of beeswax and silicone will prevent winter weather from ruining your fave boots (and make it easier to clean, too).

Get it from Amazon Canada for $12.99.

10. bag light

A petite bag light so you'll be able to find your keys during the dark days of winter. The soft silicone loop won't scratch up your fave handbags, and you can even set the light to flash if you're ever in a pickle.
Get it from Amazon Canada for $13.21.

11. extendable windshield cleaner

An extendable windshield cleaner so you can get the gunk and sludge off your windows. Thanks to the microfibre pad, it won't leave streaks, either.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $23.99.

12. windproof umbrella

A windproof umbrella that'll help keep you dry throughout winter's worst weather. It has more ribs than a traditional parasol and a vented double canopy that'll keep it from flipping inside out.
Get it from Amazon Canada for $36.95.

13. winter toque

A cozy winter toque that'll keep your noodle warm all season long. Reviewers say it's basically the perfect winter hat — not too thin, not too bulky, and never makes their head overheat.
Get it from Indigo for $24.99 (available in 15 colours).

A pack of space-saving hangers if your closets are crammed with sweaters and jackets. They'll help you make the most of under-used vertical space and won't bend under the weight of your heftier clothing.

Get a pack of four from Amazon Canada for $39.99+ (available in two colours).

A pair of heated socks that'll keep your feet delightfully toasty when the temps start to plummet. They even have a convenient pocket to keep the battery pack in place while you're frolicking in the snow.

Get a pair from Amazon Canada for $69.99+ (available in two colours).

16. tea tree oil

A bottle of tea tree oil if you're prone to the nighttime stuffies. It's naturally antiseptic so it'll kill any germs lingering in your bedroom air, while opening up your nasal passages so you can get some much-deserved rest.

Get it from The Body Shop for $10.50+ (available in two sizes).

17. touchscreen leather gloves

A pair of touchscreen leather gloves so you can respond to texts without exposing your digits to the freezing cold. They're fancy enough to pair with chic holiday attire and have a cozy cashmere lining to protect your hands from plummeting winter temps.

Get a pair from Amazon Canada for $32.79 (available in sizes S–XXL and in seven other styles).

18. double-sided blanket

double-sided blanket that'll give you something to cozy up with. It's got plush and snuggly sherpa on one side and smooth fleece on the other — reviewers say it's like being wrapped in a hug.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $29.99+ (available in four sizes and six colours). 

19. hooded blanket

Or a fleecy hooded blanket if you wanna stay cozy while you're puttering around the house. It even has handy arm sleeves so you can still cook, clean, or play on your phone without exposing your grabbers to the chilly air.

20. waterproofing wax

A tube of waterproofing wax that'll give all your leather goods an impenetrable coating. A quick swipe will help reduce water absorption (without leaving your gloves or shoes all soggy in the process).

Get it from Amazon Canada for $10.95.

21. decongesting nasal inhaler

decongesting nasal inhaler if the cold weather wreaks havoc on your sinuses. Reviewers say it gives them instant relief from seasonal allergies, stuffy noses, headaches, and even sore throats.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $3.47.