3 credit card benefits you can use for last-minute Christmas holiday shopping


If anything I've done wrong with millions of Americans, it's always waiting until the last minute to buy Christmas presents. According to a OnePoll survey during the 2020 holiday season, half of those surveyed bought Christmas Eve gifts and 39% also gave Christmas gifts.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, don't despair. There are several credit card systems you can use to make sure your gift order arrives on time.

Adjust the perks you can enjoy to make your latest Christmas shopping experience work.

ShopRunner is a free two-day delivery service when you shop with any of our partners from Saks Fifth Avenue to MLBshop and Cole Haan. Membership typically costs $ 79 per year, but some credit card rewards offer free membership in services.

If you want to add a new debit card to your wallet to increase your purchasing power or receive a welcome bonus, but want to get started right away, click "Enter login now". This means that once approved, you can request card details immediately without waiting for a new card to appear in the mail.

It's easy when you shop online, but what if you plan to buy one? Instead of a debit card, you can access your new account details on your digital wallet, like Apple Pay®, and use your mobile phone to pay.

There are several debit cards that offer free membership to Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus. All of these services provide fast delivery of your orders. At select Amazon Prime or Walmart subscription locations, your order can be delivered to your door in just a few hours.

The Walmart Rewards ™ or Amazon Rewards Visa signature card is believed to come with free joint ventures under the cardholder. But it's not. If you are looking for the Walmart benefits, consider applying for the Platinum Card® on American Express. When you sign up, pay with your Platinum Card to get a credit card for your monthly Walmart subscription fee ($ 12.95 applicable tax). This card includes many benefits for travel, luxury, shopping and more.

If you are currently a student, you can use a variety of student credit cards with up to $ 59 in cash back after signing up for the Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students - Amazon Prime Student subscription. Spend $ 500 on qualifying purchases during your first quarter.


If you're always busy shopping for gifts on the weekends, consider one of the credit card deals mentioned above to speed up your last minute shopping.

But before making a financial decision, be sure to check your budget, especially while on vacation. The holidays can be fun, but start the New Year with bad credit card debt.