Black Friday and Boxing day twitter marketing 2021

The last quarter of the year was the highest season for UK retailers. It runs until the last Friday in November, Black Friday (the time when stores have a big discount on a wide range of merchandise) and runs from the Boxing Day sale on December 26.

Two days are big events in a sale, but every buyer makes a big difference. Black Friday shoppers focus on discounts, giveaways, and decorations, while Boxing Day shoppers have nuances in how they shop before and after Christmas snacks and gifts for themselves. A recent Twitter Insiders poll found that 66% of Britons say they are planning a bigger celebration or celebration this year. And the day after Christmas.

In this blog, we cover the differences between Black Friday and Boxing Day followers and how to improve your Twitter campaign to achieve both.

Black Friday shoppers love it

A future plc survey found that 41% of people in the UK said selling Black Friday would be their first way to buy Christmas presents this year2. Black Friday shoppers often expect luxury brands like laptops, TVs, and smartphones at bargain prices.

Tips: Many shoppers wait until Black Friday to shop for gifts for family, friends and coworkers, so get tips from our gift tips. 

Customers love Boxing Day

Boxing Day is an exception for shoppers to focus on themselves after Christmas. It's time to take care of the gift you didn't receive and use the Christmas money or gift certificate you received.

Their thinking will shift to New Years solutions. 43% of Britain's population will be healthier and healthier by 2022, half of whom will also focus on mental illness3. From beauty products to fitness products, help your consumers achieve these goals by tweeting about health and wellness products. Important tip: Consumers will use hashtags like #BoxingDaySale to identify your top seller, so be sure to include them in the hashtags of your tweets.

Shipping and shipping requirements are for both stores

Black Friday customers can rely on the delivery time as they would like to know if they can make a purchase in time for Christmas. Details when placing an order should be placed to ensure delivery before Christmas.

Boxing Day shoppers may not want to rely on a quick delivery time, but it's a good idea to give an estimate of when or if the time of year will be delayed.

How to reach Black Friday and Boxing Day shoppers on Twitter

Indicate the packaging material

For Black Friday shoppers, the packaging can be even more important because a lot of people buy Christmas gifts, so they want to look beautiful. If you offer gift wrapping as a service, be sure to let your subscribers know about it, as it can be a real treat for consumers.

Communicate clearly and change your policy

For Black Friday, specify the time of your right of return. If consumers buy for Christmas, they'll want them to be able to return or exchange unwanted gifts.

For Boxing Day buyers, make our returns policy easy to understand. Because it's an important day when people come back or exchange Christmas gifts unnecessarily. Tweet your code regularly to make it easy to use. gift package

Black Friday consumers often buy giveaways, so consider selling them as a business or giveaway.

Likewise, Boxing Day shoppers will be looking for replacement gifts or extra features like batteries or chargers. Now is a good time to introduce additional materials.

Customer service

The Black Friday and Boxing Day sales are a great time to encourage shoppers to taste the giveaway. For example, you can encourage newsletter subscriptions in exchange for access to sales or product discounts. Remember, your followers can be picky this time of year, stuffed with ads and announcements, and because they are busy. That said, it's important to keep your tweets clear, concise, and consistent. For more information, read our blog on 6 Ways to Reach Customers This Last Christmas.