How A Dutch Subculture Called "Gabber" Embraced the Air Max BW


Air Max BW, AKA, Air Max IV, AKA, Air Max Classic. Released in 1991, this sneaker has a larger window than its three counterparts. So Big Windows, BW is part of the name. Unlike other Air Max models, it did not become a classic finish. Even Nike doesn't seem to respect the BW location in history. In the Powerwall 2005 collection, aimed at the awe-inspiring history of aerial celebrations, the BW was replaced by the Air Max 180, a shoe that was technically not the Air Max. or box). And even in the current Nike Air Max Day race, BW is nowhere to be found. Sneaker culture isn't even passionate about BW. The only colors that can turn a few heads are Stash and Big?

Engagement, two Persian colors and a Paris Saint-Germain edition. Music brings people together, but it's not the whole subculture until you have a good grasp of the style. Gabber culture fuses old school hip-hop with the stylistic influences of British skinhead culture. Shaved head, black fireworks jacket, sportswear (only from the Italian luxury tennis brand Australian) and Nike Air Max sneakers. Function and style are also important. Strengthening the dance for 8-10 hours makes you sweat. Tonnes and tonnes. Therefore, fancy clothes and walking shoes are a must. And it is easier to sweat on the scalp than on the scalp with hair. Back then, the Air Max BW was one of the best shoes ever. It's a small size compared to other runners, but when worn in loose clothing it looks quite stylish. Gabber gradually rose to prominence during the 90s, and her followers began to master the street style. The culture has shown some love for the Air Max 90 and Air Max 95, but BW has been Gabbers' theme for years. There are little fads like sneakers and unusual popping bubbles, like tucking laces into shoes without tying them. The popularity of the shoes in the Gabber community is not surprising to BW images outside the Gabber region. The subculture is important, but the Gabbers often find it negative. Music, drugs, unusual dance moves, and poor performance make Gabbers' mission easy. People viewed them as inert, aggressive, borderline addicts who couldn't contribute to the community during the week.

Then came the accusations of racism and Nazi sympathy. Like the British Skinhead movement, some organizations have entered white-dominated areas to seek audiences for their hate speech. It's exaggerated. There was racism against fans and records, but that was only a small part of the big picture. The second rise of gaber culture in the early 2000s brought a dramatic streak to the right, with new garments printed directly from the right skinhead culture. As a major subculture, Gabber died out in the late '90s. BW was once a line on the shoe wall of sporting goods stores, but finding a store that still stocks shoes soon became clear. be a dangerous task. Air Max has an excellent reputation. All Air Max are considered Gabber shoes. He can't go to the club in Air Max, and no one can take you. The Nike brand is always cool, but it never hurts to have too much Air Max. Gabber has returned to his homeland, but he still has people he can trust. But they put on their old clothes to no longer look like them.

The Air Max eventually reverted to the concept by dress code, which led to the Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 once again becoming the street presidents of Holland for several years in the mid-2000s. But BW never returned. Some specialty stores that sell Gabbers also have a few colors in stock. And when Persian Retro sold out a few years ago, it was available in some sneaker stores, but for models that all were. Gabber Fashion has seen some comebacks thanks to Patta, Raf Simons and Tom Nijhuis, but BW is still waiting for the return. In fact, it's not easy to see BW in a jogging jacket and skinny jeans. But fashion likes to go around in circles, and baggy models are slowly coming back, so you'll see the Air Max star going up faster than you might think.