Looking to build a retail media network? Start with your own ideas


The rise of social media is transforming the ability of sellers to expand their reach, diversify their revenue streams, and reach new profitable audiences. According to a recent report from eMarketer, after an almost 50% increase in e-commerce spending in 2020, advertisers will increase their revenue share by 27.8% this year. One-eighth of the cost of digital advertising is spent on digital asset advertising. In addition, the Boston Consulting Group noted in a recent report that “large retailers compete for the highest annual revenue of $ 100 billion in retail news.

An important advantage is that consumers are highly dependent on market share, but many advertisers, such as affiliates and retailers, do not have the information. Connect beforehand to better understand their customers and meet their needs. As an advertising startup, retailers can think of all the ways consumers can interact with their business, such as sales, websites, customers, materials used, payment terms, and stores. physical. Once the initial credentials are identified, every vendor needs a great personal idea to connect with every conversation and build a stronger media presence than the competition.

The big idea of   strong data is to make the organization more competitive. However, as part of their input strategy, retailers need to control consumers. When used for fragmented materials, each layer is individual and cohesive, resulting in different strengths. Pulling multiple touchpoints into a single consumer view creates a solid foundation for interacting with advertisers, running campaigns in media stores, and measuring the accuracy of the consumer experience.

Brands measuring solutions for creating and managing specialized clients generally take three key factors into account:

file creation. Uses integrated solutions that complement existing technological capabilities and allow customization of first party data readers. First-party data validation allows you to create retail customer views. reinforcement data. Use data sharing with third parties and best third party behavior to improve customer visibility and intelligence. In order to be more robust, retailers need to be flexible and knowledgeable about privacy to create works of art and enhance them with second and third party information. Translation. Strengthen personal foundations like the “rosette stone” for retail information stores to convert more people into one “message”. The goal is to integrate organizations, technological processes, a variety of data and a variety of industrial and measurement partnerships. Translation should be fast, secure and interactive in all aspects of customer engagement. When retailers have a good idea in place, they can maximize their profits and differentiate their advertising campaigns by providing win-win opportunities for advertisers in a variety of ways. :

Management of sales rates

Dollar shoppers historically have used it for the latest hat or in the store. As deliveries and services increase as demand increases, the cost and efficiency of these processes decrease. Retailers can raise and collect funds from customers by distributing funds on online sites. Moreover, by using their information, retailers and advertisers can benefit from better marketing and better impact on consumers. Media networks put retailers in a position to promote and embrace their digital exchanges.

Engage with customers where they buy

The product can reach customers in the form of digital content through the retailer's website and the location of the product and function. Local advertising not only drives traffic from the new location, but also allows retailers and retailers to reach current consumers at the right time when they are shopping. Taking it a step further, retailers can entice visitors to leave the site to help brands find and engage with new customers on the site, ultimately providing a variety of interactions, discussions and exchanges.

Manufacturing support

Using data-driven and self-driving strategies, retailers and business partners to gain a stronger and more understandable customer base in order to change consumer needs. More and more today, consumers want personalized products that interest them. Finally, retailers and marketers can do better for their favorite customers by engaging in better research and development. Pioneering partnerships allow you to appeal faster and reach the market of satisfaction with new products and products.

Deepen relationships with advertisers

Retailers can increase sales and improve relationships with products by providing differentiated solutions to customers. Data interchange is an inaccuracy of my temperature when used correctly. For example, marketers can use closed metrics to improve customer definition, target audience, and optimization.

Retailers have access to a wide array of new tools to achieve an integrated customer experience that improves value, fairness and overall profitability. Retailers benefit more by focusing on building a personal base and using technology that makes them more controllable to consumers and more visible to consumer behavior and patterns.