So it begins - Boxing Day in the USA 2021 - Guides, Deals, Sales and More (Ultimate Guide)


In many parts of the world, Boxing Day is the biggest day of the year. Retailers, big brands and independent retailers are all cutting prices to eliminate inventory. When Black Friday does not arrive in the United States, many American retailers will reduce the price of their labels by the 26th. Plan and start soon. This deal is worth it.

Boxing Day sales are the best time to get a discount on valuables. You will find that it is time for retailers to lower their prices for new products in the new year.

Whether it's shopping for fashion, home, tech or beauty, here are our tips for the best Boxing Day sales and how to make the most of the year. Are you looking for a company in a brand or a category? Get discounts using our simple search listing. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the biggest retail names in the US:

Urban Outfitters

Century 21

Victoria’s Secret

Boxing Day 2021: In-store vs. Online shopping(Pros and Cons)

Online Shopping


  • You can shop from the comfort of your home.
  • Avoid the crowds and long queues for change rooms and checkout.
  • Easily compare prices with other retailers online.
  • Use promo codes on top of already existing discounts.
  • A higher amount of stock which means more chance of getting your size.
  • You can shop Boxing Day sales from midnight.


  • You can't physically touch or try on the clothes.
  • There tends to be a backlog in delivery due to the popularity of sales so you may have to wait a while for your purchase.
  • If a retailer doesn't offer free shipping you may have to pay extra for delivery.

In-store shopping


  • You can try on the clothes and make sure they fit.
  • You don't have to wait for shipping and can enjoy your purchase then and there.
  • If the retailer is out of stock, staff can contact another branch on your behalf to find out if it's in stock.
  • Shopping in-store means you can have a fun day out with friends or family and also get their opinions.


  • Crowds. Crowds. Crowds.
  • Parking at shopping centres can be a serious pain.
  • Stores will have less stock and the chances of finding your size is limited.
  • Sales start when shops open whereas online sales will start at midnight.

Tips And Tricks
  • Start online first. Online sales offer you broader choices than any mall, and the sales generally start earlier. Snap up bargains online before you think about queuing up at a store.
  • Set a budget. It's easy to overspend at a sale. Set a budget for the day and stick to it so you don't wake up the next day with an unwanted "sales hangover".
  • Do your research. Another common mistake at Boxing Day sales is shopping with little preparation. If you've got a wishlist, know what the regular prices are so you can tell whether you're really saving.
  • Know when the sales start and finish. Both online and physical stores will different start and end times. Check in advance so you know when the deals begin. Remember that online stores may start their deals on Christmas Day or even earlier.
  • Focus on the right products. Don't be overwhelmed by choice when the sale starts— know what you want to buy and go straight for those products. Focus on items that you missed out on at Christmas. For instance, if you got a lot of clothes and perfume, then check out beauty products or electronics instead.

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What does Boxing Day mean?

As well as offering an extra day off after Christmas to recover with family and friends, Boxing Day is one of the major sale events of the year. Major stores drop their prices to clear stock and attract new customers, with bargains of 50% or more off often featuring. We like to think of it as the day you give a gift to yourself!

What are Boxing Day sales?

Boxing Day has become the most popular day for shopping in Australia, both in physical stores and online. Discounts can range from 25% to 80% or more off during Boxing Day sales. Bricks and mortar retailers like Target, David Jones and MYER often have loss-leading discounts on major items to try and entice customers into stores.

How did Boxing Day get its name?

There's much speculation about the origin of the name "Boxing Day", but not definitive evidence. The most widely-discussed theory is that Boxing Day quite literally refers to "Christmas boxes", given to domestic workers and servants who worked on Christmas Day. On the day after Christmas, those folks were given boxed gifts.

Are shops open on Boxing Day?

Most large chain stores will open on Boxing Day, and most online retailers also join in with special discounts. Smaller shops may decide to stay closed between Christmas and New Year, however.

When do Boxing Day sales end?

This varies from retailer to retailer. Some shops will keep on reducing the price of their old stock until it's all gone, while others will keep the sales to a strict deadline. In most cases, the best sales are available from 26 December until the first week of January. Good deals will generally sell out quickly.

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Now that Christmas is here, you can take comfort in knowing that you will no longer have to waste time searching for Christmas presents for loved ones.