Sugar Candy cane shortage 2021: this mint are hard to find before Christmas

You might want to settle for a box of fruit candy canes this year. Peppermint deficiency has once again broken the holiday tradition.

As the world enters its second year of the spread of COVID-19 across the globe, many products have been evacuated due to disruption in global chains such as collisions at ports, road closures and insufficient supply. drivers and support staff.

Cake canes are now on the Christmas party list after cream cheese.

The New York Post reported that New York City candy stores are moving away from the classic vacations and have fewer products than the last vacations. “We only received half of the sweets we ordered on New Years Eve and sold them almost immediately. We're out of the supply chain now, ”Mitchell Cohen, owner of Economy Candy of the Southeast, told The Post. “The global shortage of raw materials and supplies is having a big impact.

Peppermint production has fallen nearly 25% over the past decade, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Patrick Penfield, professor of composition at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, told USA TODAY that peppermint, cream cheese and international cuisine are not enough.

“If you browse through a lot of stores, you don't see the quantity and quality of the products that you are familiar with,” Penfield said. “Unfortunately, during the holidays we see more shelves and more popular products sold out.”

Some groups could stay local due to insufficient labor and transport, Penfield said.

USA Today checked Amazon on Monday afternoon and found a few ways to get there before Christmas. Other candy canes have a delivery date after Christmas.


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