The average price of a new car is higher than the all-time high of $ 46,000.


New car prices are averaging over $ 46,000 for the first time, according to a new report from the Kelley Blue Book and data from partner CR TrueCar, which provides online car and business reviews. Buying a car, including almost all of them, can be difficult for several months. New data shows that newer vehicles, like used vehicles, are costing consumers more than ever before. All of this, the global spread and emerging global semiconductor shortage has affected the ability of manufacturers to develop new vehicles, with shortages, rising costs, and restrictions.

Nick Woolard, analyst at TrueCar, said: "We see new market prices going up all the time," said Nick Woolard, analyst at TrueCar. November was up 8% from a year ago.
Woolard says new car dealers have improved slightly, but are still weak for now. "You can see dealerships parking their cars side by side so it looks like there are a lot of cars in the parking lot," he added, although a slight increase in new cars can easily ease some of the price. .

A number of factors have led to an increase in the average price of a new car over the years. First, consumers are drawn to more expensive trucks and SUVs. And the recent advent of all models has resulted in lower prices on cheaper models.

By examining the pricing details of new cars, Consumer Reports and TrueCar not only identify models that cost faster, but also identify the best deals, as well as the benefits of a good car.

The latest CPI report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that rising prices for new and used cars are on the rise and have been slightly sold since this summer, when it became one of the main drivers of inflation.

As usual, local rates will vary from the national average. You can see the exchange rates for these and all other trucks on the Model page at CR.org/cars. Woolard points out that waiting for a better time may not be the best idea. Because the recovery in high car prices today will be slow.
"If the question is whether to wait or buy now, I don't think the present and the future will be much different," he said. "The best advice is to buy a new car if you need it."

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