The thermostatic cup adjusts your drinking water to your liking.


The Ember Mug is burning this year's holiday gifts.

My friend took his time to finish his first morning coffee. Too much he was hacked and fired again until he reached ultimate loss. She loves gold.

In other cases, to control the temperature of the caffeine, take a thermos and pour it into a small mug and keep the coffee hot and cool.

Today he uses a small amount of glass because it retains heat. Ember thermostatic mugs are designed for these people. In fact, the ad on Ember's site even said she was "smarter than warm."

Not all of us need to control the temperature of the coffee. Does it contain caffeine? If the answer is "yes", I will accept.

But for these people - this is the cup for them. It may seem difficult. There are loaded cups, heaters and applications. But if it's the urge to brew the perfect drink, many think it's worth it.

They drink faster. But this mug is not necessary. Set the desired temperature (50-62.5C) and the mug will keep the heat of your coffee or other drink of your choice for up to 1.5 hours (at the cost of a built-in battery).

Put it at the checkout and it stays there every day. And there's the Ember app where you can control the temperature, get notifications, and add custom presets to your drinks.

Its auto-standby feature automatically turns the mug off when it reaches its ideal temperature and an LED light alerts you when the drink reaches the ideal temperature.

There's also the Ember Smart Heated Travel Mug for those looking for that little extra to travel, although you can take a mug with you. With the touchscreen, you can control the temperature on the go, for up to 3 hours, and for those who are not busy or distracted, the mug has a unique 360 ​​degree design. You can drink from any angle.

We love Ember Mug so much that we've added it to our list of gift ideas for busy moms. And now these cute designs and travel mugs are proving to be a popular holiday gift for a hot coffee or tea.

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