There's a Cottage core Shop where you can buy simple things which reminds you the simple joys of life


Welcome to the Cottage Core themed store. A romantic pastiche of the country passed in Midtown Manhattan place. From a rustic farmhouse in the woods to a rustic farmhouse in the meadows to a rustic farmhouse in the middle of a metropolis of 9 million people, stores are full of everything. You can think of decorating your home in your own way. 

Understand that growing a 12 story room with a little light can be difficult. The only thing that can grow there is mold in the tub. But the heart of the house isn't all about cruelty and hardship, or whether you can keep basil plants on your windowsill. It's about thinking. So let the sound of Taylor Swift legends play in the background open your mind and your wallet to the protesters who are thinking of our beautiful and dear products. 

Go through the driftwood door and enter the clothing section. Here you can find various ruffled lace dresses for a five year old Jane Austen story. Every time we wear our clothes we can bring back the ignorance of a child whose world is full of wonder and magic and only unsure of the meaning of money, the value of the house and how much. Monthly processing fees. Oh, the innocence of a child is precious. The clothes, on the other hand, are actually priced at $ 400. 

But if you don't like our clothes, wrap them around your bones Head over to the appliances to rent our wicker picnic basket. Each meal will be a frozen burrito that you eat in front of your computer, but looking at the basket on your kitchen counter will make you feel like you are in a beautiful place. The butter while whisking wood and the berries are picked by hand. 

Do not skip meals at all costs because you are allergic to bees. And come to think of it, the total cost to immerse yourself in this pre-capitalist farming dream is $ 400. Why is everything in this store $ 400? Cottage Core is all about the idea that less is more. In other words, the less it costs us to do something, the more it costs us to buy it. It's a good thing. 

And because you are stuck dead eyes appear in this rocky forest, even the slightest psychic escape from the relentless crushing of humanity, you are so desperate for things. Like a flowery cushion. Or potted fern. Or a photo of a rock. Everything is sold in our store for a reasonable price of $ 400. 

Why do you say “highway thieves” as if your hands are crossing and your forehead is frowning? Especially when you live more than 4 miles on West Side Hwy? Also worry about your rent of $ 2,500 and only $ 32 in your savings account, you can get some rest. Relieve stress, relax your arteries, and try these dried flowers which cost $ 400. If that doesn't work for you, how about a hand-pressed diaper, use the hemp paper? Yes, you last wrote a letter to your good friend Danielle in fourth grade, and after she gave birth to twins and left town for an hour, you and Danielle stopped talking. But still, sitting on your desk collecting dust and funky shower molds is a reminder that the best things in life, like friendship, are free. (However, the script is completely free. It costs $ 400.)

Wait, why did you go? Have you seen the local seaweed collection? At the very least, you should try the fresh, scraped sourdough bread. The smell of the hot, tangy crust reminds me of the beauty of baking Christmas cakes with my grandmother. At least before that, when he died, he hadn't lost anyone in the world who understood and loved you without incident. You can't value memories!