Tory Johnson's 40 Boxes has 10 gifts with great savings from GMA


It's a giveaway season, and the Tory Johnsons 40 Box makes it difficult to buy for each of their names. Check out the best seasonal gifts Tori-prepared "Good Morning America" ​​viewers can get right now.
Get special discounts on freebies like BlanQuil thick blankets, Ledlenser lighting and more today. Buy now because this contract is only available when the product is last sold.

Check out all the special Torys for "GMA" viewers on 40Boxes.com and don't forget to check back in the week as new products are added daily. 

AnySharp: Knife Sharpener

GMA Deal: $21  29% Savings

BlanQuil: Weighted Blanket

GMA Deal: $84 + FREE SHIPPING  50% Savings

Buzzee: Reusable Food Wraps

GMA Deal: $6 to $21  39% to 40% Savings

Fahlo: Wildlife Animal Tracking Bracelets

GMA Deal: $22  50% Savings

Jilzarah: Bead Stack Bracelets

GMA Deal: $9 to $12  50% to 53% Savings

Ledlenser: Lighting Solutions

GMA Deal: $42 to $60 + FREE SHIPPING  39% Savings

Malibu Skye: Brianna Triple Zip Crossbody

GMA Deal: $24  50% Savings

GoNanas: Banana Bread Mix 6-Pack

GMA Deal: $35  35% Savings

Brouk and Co.: Games and Picture Frames

GMA Deal: $20 to $90  33% to 40% Savings

SiO Beauty: Silicone Patches & Skincare

GMA Deal: $15 to $18  39% Savings